A new alternative for the smart
urban traveler

GLAD HOTEL YEOUIDO is a global hotel brand for smart travelers. Positioned between excessively luxurious standardized deluxe hotels and boutique hotels that focus too much on design, GLAD HOTEL YEOUIDO aims to become a new category of practical hotel. Our uniquely efficient and cozy rooms with witty and friendly design touches will make you feel at home. The rooms have all the essential amenities but boldly do away with anything frivolous. You will readily find that common to all the amenities and services you encounter at GLAD HOTEL YEOUIDO will be the brand’s core values of “practicality and friendliness.”

We re-designed the space by simulating the actual movements of our guests, and boldly did away with unnecessary elements from their viewpoint GLAD HOTEL YEOUIDO 's tone is courteous yet casual and engaging. To avoid the dull and impersonal atmosphere of a business hotel, we added the unique friendliness of GLAD HOTEL YEOUIDO to our design and service.

Urban stay
for the smart traveler

An urban space for smart travelers

For those who are sensitive to architectural design and appreciate good service as they are experienced travelers, for those who choose hotels with their own discerning eye, and for those who prefer brands with a unique philosophy concerned with rational functionality rather than always insisting on first class luxury, GLAD HOTEL YEOUIDO presents a new business hotel.

The comfort of your own home

Our reasonable and practical amenities and prices coupled with our witty interior and warm hearted service that considers personal lifestyles enable our guests to relax as if they were in their own home.

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02. Located in the business of Seoul

The best location for businessmen

GLAD HOTEL YEOUIDO is located in Yeouido, the financial center of Seoul, where is the largest metropolis in Northeast Asia. The hotel guests are conveniently connected to the cultural and business hubs in Gangnam, Yongsan, Jongno and Mapo by subway, bus or taxi. The hotel is also conveniently located close to two international airports and major rail lines and bus terminals that provide easy access to the entire nation. But Yeouido itself is a destination as it is the location of the National Assembly building and boasts a very large world-class park that connects with the Han River.

GLAD to serve you

GLAD for you

The staff at GLAD HOTEL YEOUIDO is always courteous and graceful to guests who will enjoy their warm hearted and attentive service. Guests are also provided with reasonably priced and conveniently located lodging that is livable and accommodating to their lifestyles.

A member of design hotels

Design Hotels™ member

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As a member of Design Hotels, GLAD HOTEL YEOUIDO has had its architectural aesthetics recognized thanks to its concept that blends style with efficiency. The exquisitely designed logo and design motifs imbued throughout the hotel provide our customers with a uniquely differentiated experience.