Vision & Mission

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Incorporated in 1977, Glad Hotel & Resort is a hotel affiliate of Daelim Group that has pioneered and spearheaded the construction and petrochemical industries of Korea, operating Ora Country Club and Jeju Grand Hotel representing the Island of Jeju for over 40 years. With a strategy to launch a variety of development projects and thereby position hotel development initiatives as a new growth driver of the group, Daelim launched a proprietary brand of Glad in 2012 through its hotel and brand management arm A+D, opening Glad Yeouido Hotel, the first of its hotels, in 2014 with four more Glad hotels in Seoul for 4 years, and renovating Jeju Grand Hotel on a full scale into Maison Glad Jeju. Leveraging its 40-year-long knowhow in hotel/resort operation and pool of professional resources, Glad Hotel & Resort operates Ora Country Club and 9 hotels around the country including Glad Yeouido, Glad Mapo, Glad Gangnam COEX Center, Glad Live Gangnam, Maison Glad Jeju, etc. and resorts having 3,000 guestrooms in total.


Lifestyle curator hotel (Lifestyle Curator Hotel)

  • Offering values and services differentiated from offerings of other hotels in terms of design, deep sleep, etc

  • Pioneer of lifestyle hotel trend to offer special experience in daily life

  • Contributing to the society with focus on environment, children’s dream and synergy with local communities


We ensure that everything provides new experience to customers seeking rest and new lifestyle.

Mission of Glad men
As innovative and pragmatic best-of-breed experts, we develop Glad Hotel by harnessing our capabilities.
Mission toward customers
We lower barriers to customers visiting Glad and turn every moment into pragmatic and satisfying experience.
Mission toward innovation
We spearhead innovation of the industry by promptly responding to social environment changing every day.

Core Value

Every GLAD Moment ! Hotel offering best value to ensure customers are delighted at and satisfied with all moments and space of their stay

Glad men provide pragmatic values.
Glad men think in the shoe of customer.
Glad men innovate every day.
Glad men never forget wit and humor.


“ GLAD to meet you ” Such missions of Glad Hotel & Resort originate from the term “GLAD” which also means ‘pleasant’, ’grateful’, and ‘willing’. As the word “GLAD” indicates, Glad Hotel & Resort is the pioneer of lifestyle hotel, delivering more pleasant experience to customers.